Haley Kennedy

Haley Kennedy

Digital Marketing Director

Haley brings over 5 years of digital marketing experience working with ecommerce businesses across multiple industries. She obtained her bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University at College Station and began her career at RTIC Coolers, where she helped build the brand identity and launch multiple essential marketing programs that led the brand to its massive following.

She was also one of the early members of new ecommerce player, Cart.com, where she helped establish and scale their marketing-as-a-service department and worked with a multitude of fast-growing ecommerce brands. Other high-growth startups that she’s worked with include iwi, Cuero Boots, TagsForHope, Cirkul, Lifesum, and Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes.

Her diverse range of experience, innovative mindset, and creative skills have equipped her with the ability to keep pace with a rapidly changing digital world and provide value to businesses looking to succeed in today’s market.

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