Jim M. Jacobsen

Jim M. Jacobsen

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Jim holds over 20 years of entrepreneurial and ecommerce experience and a deep first-hand understanding of the value of risk-taking. Jim serves on the Advisory Board of Mercury Ecommerce Acquisition Corp.; a special purpose acquisition company or "SPAC" focusing its initial business combination search in the ecommerce sector, specifically companies offering Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) products and services to enterprise customers globally. 

Prior to The J, Jim was co-founder and co-CEO at RTIC Outdoors (RTIC Coolers), and Alliantgroup where he led strategy and operational execution. His contributions led each company to nine figure valuation exits. 

Earlier in his career, Jim practiced as a CPA with Deloitte’s International Tax Services practice and founded specialized tax advisory firm, TaxGroup. He then founded and served as CEO for several other D2C brands including Cuero.com, King Disc Grill and CheapCheapMovingBoxes.com. More recently, Jim co-founded Ecommerce-as-a-Service (“ECaaS”) platform, Cart.com, and EcommerceBrands.com - for both of which he now serves as Executive Chairman.

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